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Parametric Design for Architecture

SKU: 9781780673141 Supplier: Laurence King Publishing


Author: Wassim Jabi

Format: Paperback | 208 pages

Dimensions: 216 x 280 x 20.32mm | 790g

Publication date: 15 Sep 2013

Architects use CAD to help them visualize their ideas. Parametric design is a fast-growing development of CAD that lets architects and designers specify the key parameters of their model and make changes interactively. Whenever changes are made the rest of the model updates automatically.

Through a detailed description of various parametric, generative and algorithmic techniques, this book provides a practical guide to generating geometric and topological solutions for various situations, including explicit step-by-step tutorials. While the techniques and algorithms can be generalized to suit to any parametric environment, the book illustrates its concepts using the scripting languages of one of the most powerful 3D visualization and animation design software systems (Autodesk 3ds Max MAXScript), one of the most popular open-source Java-based scripting environments (Processing), and a brand new language specifically tailored for parametric and generative design (Autodesk DesignScript).

This clear, accessible book will have a wide appeal to students and practitioners who would like to experiment with parametric techniques.


 Parametric Design for Architecture