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Plant Genetic Resources : Foodgrain Crops

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Edited by:  B. S. Dhillon , Sanjeev Saxena ,  Anuradha Agrawal ,  R. K. Tyagi

Format :Hardback | 360 pages

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Publication date: 30 Jan 2006

Food is the basic need of human beings. The increasing population and enhanced standard of living are placing greater demands on food-related requirements in terms of quantity, quality and diversity. The Green Revolution which significantly enhanced productivity of important food crops, nevertheless, resulted in certain fallouts as genetic erosion, soil degradation, chemical pollution and aquifer depletion. Amongst these, decrease in plant genetic diversity is an irreversible loss. As the basic raw material for future plant breeding, plant genetic resources of foodgrains are the key to future food security. Though, plant breeding has attracted the attention of many authors, plant genetic resources remain somewhat neglected. This book gives an overall perspective current status of genetic resource of important foodgrain crops (wheat, rice, maize, barley, sorghum, millets, pulses and legumes and underutilized crops). It provides a comprehensive compilation on current status of information on origin, taxonomy, diversity, collection, exchange, evaluation, utilization, molecular characterization and conservation for food grain crops.
Eminent scientists and crop specialists have critically analyzed the information in view of the present and future research priorities. In addition, management issue related to plant genetic resources are also discussed. At present such information on these crops is lacking and this book fills in the void. It shall serve as reference for genetic resource managers, researchers, teachers, students and policy makers in biology and agriculture.


 Plant Genetic Resources : Foodgrain Crops