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Plant Genetic Resources : Horticulture Crops

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Edited by : B. S. Dhillon, R. K. Tyagi , Sanjeev Saxena , G. Jit. Randhawa

Format :Hardback | 346 pages

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Publication date: 30 Jul 2005

The agricultural paradigm is already undergoing a shift in focus from food security towards nutritional quality. Horticultural crops besides improving biological productivity and nutritional standards also have enormous export potential. This group of crops comprising fruits, vegetables, root and tuber crops, plantation crops, medicinal and aromatic plants, spices and condiments and ornamental crops, would constitute core of any such agro-economic strategy. In addition to supplementing the economy and national food grid by providing fresh and processed fruits, vegetable, nuts etc., horticultural crops also help to promote diversification. Depletion of plant genetic resources in areas of diversity at a rapid pace is a matter of global concern. This book profiles all scientific management aspects of the horticultural crop genetic resources including their diversity, conservation and sustainable utilization. It also addresses vital concerns regarding management of horticultural crop genetic resources from diverse perspectives and provides recommendations for action in certain areas of research that must be pursued with intensity.
The publication would serve as a valuable comprehensive scientific reference for breeders, researchers, teachers, students and policy makers in biology and agriculture.


 Plant Genetic Resources : Horticulture Crops