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Resorts by Thai Architects: Exotic Oriental_9786167191324_Li-Zenn Publishing Limited

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  • "This book brings together seven resorts from Thailand, Bhutan, Laos and Malaysia that have their origin in the creative thinking and expertise of well-known Thai architects. These exquisite places stand out for their marvelous architecture and interior designs. "
  • Hospitality design in Thailand has produced one of the most vigorous architectural scenes in South-East Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. Thailand is not only considered as one of the richest in the region where beauty and diversity of nature is concerned, it also has cultural heritage and value that has made it a major destination for travellers today. Throughout hospitality design and its related context, Thai architects today are increasingly concerned with arriving at an appropriate architectural identity with regard to both cultural and environmental values. However, a direct movement towards modernization of traditional characteristics still at the inception stage, in the architectural womb as it were. Some leading architects have suggested that Thai architects should be encouraged to make use of indigenous wisdom and design, and to incorporate the soul of traditional architecture into modern creations and inventions, allowing the architects to enjoy their reinvention as a kind of renaissance. This book not only presents selected works by architects but also focuses on works that are widely accepted by other people such as tourists, designers and those in the hotel business from around the world. They are well recognized and the designs of these projects have been through the critical concept and integrated design stages. Some have even involved research-based design and professional marketing strategies.


 Resorts by Thai Architects: Exotic Oriental_9786167191324_Li-Zenn Publishing Limited