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Sales Manager's Success Manual

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Author Wayne Thomas

Format Hardback | 240 pages

Dimensions 161 x 235 x 24mm | 497g

Publication 26 Sep 2007

Today's sales managers face a tough challenge. They must be more productive than ever while relying more on partners and technology with reduced resources in the field. And with fewer, larger customers, every decision becomes more important - and riskier. "The Sales Manager's Success Manual" provides the critical information sales managers need to succeed in this increasingly difficult job. It covers fundamental sales management topics including compensation, forecasting, and motivation, along with more advanced topics such as dealing with internal politics, understanding generational issues, managing up, and developing intuition. Packed with savvy advice, enlightening case studies, and no-nonsense knowhow, "The Sales Manager's Success Manual" is a one-of-a-kind book no sales manager should be without.


 Sales Manager's Success Manual