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Screening Methods in Pharmacology

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Author:  N.S. Parmar , Shiv Prakash

Format :Hardback | 444 pages

Dimensions: 185 x 240 x 15.24mm | 566.99g

Publication date: 30 Dec 2006

Screening Methods in Pharmacology provides an up to-date and concise account of in vivo methods used in the pharmacological screening of important categories of clinically useful drugs. It also encompasses the basic principles of animal experimentation and current advances leading to the use of transgenic animals, combinatorial chemistry, high throughout screening, pharmacogenomics, proteomics and array technology. The methods used for the detection of pharmacological effects of potential drugs on the CNS, CVS, endocrines, respiratory tract and immunomodulation have been described in adequate details with cross references for further studies and comprehension. The book is expected to be extremely useful for postgraduates in pharmacology from all disciplines and for the scientists engaged in the drug discovery research programmes.


 Screening Methods in Pharmacology