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Sediment-Hosted Lead-Zinc Sulphide Deposits

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Edited by:  Mihir Deb , Wayne D. Goodfellow


Format :Hardback | 275 pages

Dimensions :205 x 280 x 25.4mm | 1,428.82g

Publication date: 30 Jun 2004

Sediment-hosted Lead-Zinc Sulphide Deposits comprises of thirteen chapters contributed by renowned economic geologists from three continents. This book highlights the recent advances made in the understanding of the temporal and tectono-stratigraphic distribution of sediment-hosted Pb-Zn sulphide ores and processes governing their genesis. The first section (five chapters) deals comprehensively with some of the most important deposits of this class in Canada and Australia emphasizing their genetic models. It also contains a paper on 'geoenvironmental model', which concerns the environmental behavior of this deposit type and other massive sulphides a) prior to mining and b) resulting from mining, mineral processing and smelting. In the second section (eight papers) Proterozoic crustal evolution of the mineralized terranes in the state of Rajasthan, northwest India, hosting three major sulphide deposits, along with their resource base latest geochronological constraints, geological setting and recent concepts on genesis are discussed. The book is profusely illustrated with both black and white and colour photographs.


 Sediment-Hosted Lead-Zinc Sulphide Deposits