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Selling Results!: The Innovative System

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Author Bill Stinnett

Format Hardback I 304 pages

Dimensions 195.6 x 20.3 x 243.8 mm I 680 g

Publication 16 January 2007

“We don't have the luxury of selling the same way we sold five years ago-or even two years ago-and simply doing more of the same…We must continually evolve and rethink how we sell so that we are not just selling more, but selling better every single year.”-From Chapter 1

In Selling Results! Bill Stinnett, the bestselling author of Think Like Your Customer, takes his innovative sales philosophy to the next level by offering a complete sales system based on the belief that the best way to improve your sales results is to focus on helping your customers achieve their desired business results.

Stinnett's revolutionary Results-Based Selling method will help you measure, manage, and maximize your sales results by:

  • Increasing Deal Size - Boost the average size of sales transactions and the duration of sales contracts
  • Accelerating Sales Velocity - Shorten your own business development process as well as your customer's buying process
  • Improving Sales Predictability - Increase your closure rate and the accuracy of sales forecasts

Using Stinnett's original opportunity scorecard, customer results map, results-based negotiation process, and other powerful tools, you'll improve your effectiveness in:

  • Creating new sales opportunities
  • Determining which deals to invest your time in
  • Reaching and selling to senior executives
  • Building stronger customer relationships
  • Negotiating for maximum profitability
  • Closing more opportunities, faster!

Selling Results! is packed with practical advice for putting Stinnett's cutting-edge ideas to use, and includes a 16-point implementation checklist for making the Results-Based Selling method work for you. These concepts, strategies, techniques, and tools can be implemented as a complete system, or individually integrated with whatever processes and infrastructure you already have in place.


 Selling Results!: The Innovative System