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Senior Centre Design

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Author: Anonymous

Format: 319 pages

Publication date: June 1, 2013

At present, aging tendency of population in China is accelerating constantly, and traditional home-based care for the aged can no longer satisfy the needs of age care. Facing the market demand of hundreds of millions of the elderly people, age care service has become a new business field. Apartments for the elderly, as one form of age care, satisfy the needs of daily care, nursing, rehabilitation, and spiritual care because of its professionalization and humanity. Therefore, they are very popular. Architectural design of apartments for the elderly is greatly different from ordinary apartments in many aspects, such as the size of functional space, setting of galleries, safety handrails that can be seen everywhere, and stairs of humanization design, etc. These special designs should fully consider old peoples psychological and physical features, and they should be made comfortable and safe. From perspective of architectural design, this book collects design cases of apartments for the elderly, and detailedly analyzes their architectural structure through large numbers of exquisite pictures.


 Senior Centre Design