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Sherlock in Love

SKU: 9780688178444 Supplier: William Morrow & Company


Author : Sena Jeter Naslund 

Format Paperback | 240 pages 

Dimensions 137 x 204 x 15mm | 209g 

Publication date 15 Nov 2017

How did Sherlock Homes come into possession of a true Stardivarius? Who was the one true love of the great detective's life? And what shattering disappointment left the detective with feelings of overwhelming melancholy? As Holme's great friend, Dr. Watson, sets out to answer these questions and recount the thrilling "lost" adventure of Holmes's attempt to rescue the love of his life from a mad King Ludwig of Bavaria, his own life is threatened by a figure in a familiar Inverness coat and deerstalker cap.


 Sherlock in Love