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Spa & Salon Alchemy : Step by Step Spa Procedures

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Author:  Sandra Moren

Format :Paperback | 192 pages

Dimensions :188 x 234 x 10mm | 309g

Publication date: 31 Jan 2006

Spa & Salon Alchemy: Step by Step Spa Procedures is an easy-read educational tool that describes in detail highly effective techniques for treatment room set-up and in-depth procedures for spa treatments and therapies that result in high quality and consistent services for clients. Client forms and standard protocol describe specific tasks that will optimize productivity and result in superior customer experiences, client retention, increased retail sales and lower operational costs.
Success in business depends on following the regulations, guidelines and protocol to have predictable results. Staff that knows exactly what is expected of them when they perform the client treatments and therapies will feel more confident and build stronger relationships with their clients. This Spa Procedures Manual will keep readers abreast of spa treatment and therapy trends and procedures giving the professional edge in this highly competitive and changing marketplace.


 Spa & Salon Alchemy : Step by Step Spa Procedures