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Stick Sketch School

SKU: 9781631060212 Supplier: Race Point Publishing


Author: Billy Attinger

Format Paperback | 144 pages

Dimensions: 216 x 254 x 15.24mm | 530g

Publication date: 15 Oct 2014

Since Billy Attinger founded his company, Stick World, pop culture has exploded with stick figure art. Social media feeds and other online resources are the perfect home for this brand of simple, pithy, and (often) wickedly funny art. Stick figure images and messages are easily conveyed through social media, frequently going viral because of the sheer simplicity of their message (translate: it's easy to read and share on your phone). However, without motion, emotion, and personality, a stick figure drawing is only what its name implies - flat, crude, and two-dimensional. Billy Attinger's Stick Sketch School guides artists through the surprising nuance of creating compelling stick figures. With dozens of handy "lessons" and over fifty creative prompts, you'll figure out how to: * draw a stick selfie * sketch big personalities with just a few lines * express emotion and motion with stick figures * personalize with embellishments and accessories * work with stick figures in a digital environment You'll learn how to create everything from stick characters and stick animals to stick wars and stick cities.
Stick Sketch School is a creative and indispensable guide to getting your ideas onto the page, online, and out into the world. "Billy and Rachel have discovered the secrets to a custom-made, fun life: 'You must be able to laugh at yourself...' and 'Life is like a stick figure. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you's how you draw them that counts.' I couldn't agree more. This book is a lot of fun, creative, and interactive--I could not stop smiling!" - Nancy Cartwright, Award winning voice-over actress (The Simpsons, Rugrats, Animaniacs, and many others)


 Stick Sketch School
 Stick Sketch School