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Stories Behind Chinese Idioms (I)

SKU: 9781602209657 Supplier: BetterLink Press Incorporated


Author : Zheng Li

Format Hardback | 48 pages

Dimensions 193.04 x 215.9 x 7.62mm | 226.8g

Publication date 27 Dec 2010

By reading ancient Chinese myths in a fun story setting, kids will learn the meanings behind some of China's most famous idioms. Chinese language has a very special category of Chinese idioms called chengyu, a unique style of idiom always told in four characters. Every idiom has a fascinating story behind it, sometimes drawn from history, and other times told as a parable. With great illustrations and characters, this full-color book will be perfect for your child's bedtime stories.

Chinese stories include:

Getting Out of the Jaws of Death
An Attempt to Scoop Up the Moon from a Well
A Bird Startled by the Mere Twang of a Bowstring
The Less a Man Has Seen, the More He Has to Wonder at
Waiting for More Hares by the Tree Stump


 Stories Behind Chinese Idioms (I)