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Survey Sampling

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Author P. Mukhopadhyay

Format Hardback I 268 pages

Dimensions 208.3 x 12.7 x 241.3 mm I 680 g

Publication 30 January 2007

Survey Sampling reviews aspects of statistical inference in finite population sampling. After reviewing important results in fixed population models, the book considers in detail the model-dependent optimal strategies of Royall and Herson (1973) and the robustification of these strategies under model breakdown. It then reviews model assist strategies of Cassel, Sarndal and Wretman (1976) and Wright (1983). Asymptotic properties of these strategies are also reviewed. Another approach is design-based calibration of Deville and Sarndal (1992). Design-based conditional inference is an alternative approach which has drawn considerable attention to survey statisticians. Lastly the book reviews two important tools of making inference, -Model Calibration approach and Empirical Likelihood based approach. Post-stratification is another aspect which requires considerable attention.


 Survey Sampling