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Teatime: Fashionable New Tea Shops

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Author:  Zender

Format: Paperback | 248 pages

Dimensions: 190 x 250 x 22.86mm | 1,020.58g

Publication date: 30 Jul 2019

Today's tea aficionado is looking to imbibe tea within a meaningful space, be it at home or in a tea shop. Customers of tea shops enjoy the idea of "tea" as being "an experience", inclusive of art, cultural themes, and strong design aesthetics. Better still if these motifs are found within a tea-shop that aligns with the shop's branding and is able to mix modern tea products with new interior design styles, further increasing the customer's sense of enjoyment of the entire shopping experience. Coupled with tea consumption needs across the world gradually increasing and the tea market expanding at higher rates than previously, the tea industry's retail environment faces fierce competition. There's a strong trend toward marrying a better awareness of the importance of effective interior design of a tea shop while striving to express a complete brand image and providing efficient service. In this magnificently illustrated book, a lead designer and tea brand consultant analyses the new design trends and brand management styles of a carefully selected group of tea shops from around the world. This book explores close to fifty fashionable tea shops that are successful in the experimentation of mixing brand-new products with unique space experiences and providing excellent customer-focused interior designs. An excellent volume for those looking to enrich the retail environment of this diverse and fast-evolving industry. AUTHOR: Zender, lead designer and brand consultant of Heytea, specialises in creative interior design for commercial spaces for young people. After graduation, he worked for seven years at the University of Southern China as a teacher. He spent a great deal of time travelling the world during his vacations, and contributed to National Geographic and Lonely Planet as both a writer and photographer. Later, he was awarded a scholarship from Robert Bosch Stiftung to study at Hamburg University. In 2016, Zender founded his own design studio. SELLING POINTS: Over 45 case studies of the newest tea shop design trends from around the world - Europe, America, Australia, and Asia In-depth analysis of best practices in designing modern tea shops, factories, and tea brand management in retail spaces Also covers a selection of distinctive tea factories and tea brands 400 colour images


 Teatime: Fashionable New Tea Shops