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Technology Solutions for Growing Businesses

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Author Ramon Ray

Format Paperback I 352 pages

Dimensions 190.5 x 30.5 x 228.6 mm I 730 g

Publication 19 December 2003

The small to medium-sized business typically has no IT department to turn to for technology advice, and owners and managers in these settings have often had to count on their own know-how or pay to have an expert to come in.

Now, Technology Solutions for Growing Businesses gives them all the information they need in one book. Offering practical advice on a wide variety of technological areas, from desktop computer decisions through software, security, networking and mobility, printing, training, Internet, and telecommunications, the book helps readers make the most of technology in their businesses.

The book incorporates case studies in each chapter to illustrate how a given system or application can be used successfully, and shows how to deal with virtually any potential problem.

Easy to understand and arranged to allow for quick reference, Technology Solutions for Growing Businesses is the perfect guide for business owners and managers seeking answers to all their technology-related questions.


 Technology Solutions for Growing Businesses