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The Art of Crayon

SKU: 9781631591013 Supplier: Rockport Publishers


Author: Lorraine Bell

Format: Paperback | 160 pages

Dimensions: 216 x 254 x 15.24mm | 680.39g

Publication date: 15 Aug 2016

Crayons aren't just for kids anymore!Sculptors use them whole, bundling thousands of crayons to create environmental and installation-size sculptures. Carvers pierce and reshape crayons with scalpels, turning them into mini totems, helixes, and portrait busts. Landscape and still-life artists layer crayon shades in works on paper that rival paintings in their subtlety and depth. What will you do?!

The Art of Crayon will guide you through a gallery of works by contemporary artists who use crayons as a diverse and dynamic medium. Each chapter includes a specific style of crayon artwork, complete with engaging projects from author Lorraine Bell to help you learn different techniques. From sculpture, to carving, to melted wax and drawing, you'll soon become a master crayon artist!



 The Art of Crayon
 The Art of Crayon
 The Art of Crayon