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The International Interior Design Exhibition : IIDE_ Beta-Plus_9782875500847_ BETA-PLUS Publishing

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Author: BETA-PLUS Publishing

Format: Hardback | 156 pages

Dimensions: 280 x 330 x 22.86mm | 1,927.77g

Publication date: 05 Mar 2020

"I was part of Fleur's British Interior Design Exhibition in London in the 1980s. The strength of Fleur's vision defined the event and made participation a real pleasure for me." - John Pawson, Renowned International Minimalist Architect, London

The International Interior Design Exhibition (IIDE) came to Brussels in 2019 with heritage. First launched in London by Fleur Rossdale as The British Interior Design Exhibition (BIDE) during the 1980s and '90s, the event was highly acclaimed as a ground-breaking showcase for the design industry. With 30,000 international visitors to each, the exhibition helped propel interior design into the limelight, receiving worldwide press coverage and an insatiable demographic of private clients, hoteliers, designers and developers. Organiser Fleur commented, "Good design has a vital role to play in our everyday lives. It can improve how we live and function, be it at home, in the workplace, in education or on holiday. Interiors set a mood, portraying an identity that should feel enhancing and harmonious". Fleur, an active interior designer herself, chose Brussels for the re-launch due to the cultural heritage, not least as founders of the Art Nouveau movement. Fleur continues, "Decoration is all about bringing together skilled workmanship, colour, texture and fine art to create a melodious interior to enhance our everyday lives".

The IIDE followed the ethos of past experience and showcased ten international designers, presenting their interior design vision to inspire private and trade visitors.

This luxury coffee table book is a tribute to these new exhibitions, which is complemented by a short history of all previous exhibitions in London.


 The International Interior Design Exhibition : IIDE_ Beta-Plus_9782875500847_ BETA-PLUS Publishing