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The Lead Ladder: Turn Strangers Into Clients, One Step at a Time

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Author Marcus Schaller

Format Hardback I 144 pages

Dimensions 142 x 16 x 211 mm I 272 g

Publication 25 August 2006

Attract More Clients, Even if You're Not a “Born” Seller

Whether you're an entrepreneur, salesperson, or service marketer, you know that generating sales leads is the single most important-and challenging-part of your job. But what if you're not the type of person who operates in “selling mode” 24/7? What if you find it hard to aggressively cold-call hundreds of strangers every week, and you dread those endless networking events? “Don't worry,” says lead-generation strategist and consultant Marcus Schaller. “You don't have to be impossibly driven, thick-skinned, or aggressive to bring in new clients. In fact, you'll win more customers if you use a more personal, thoughtful approach that fits your comfort level. ”

The Lead Ladder is a complete step-by-step system designed especially for people like you. You'll see how a typical salesperson or self-employed professional can rise above any situation-whether it's dwindling contacts or a depleted pool of clients-to build a steady source of new business options, one customer at a time. The Lead Ladder breaks it down to three basic steps:

1. Identify your best prospects before the competition.

2. Differentiate yourself as an advisor, not just a salesperson.

3. Personalize each client relationship- until they become a client!

In addition, you'll learn how to set realistic goals, target your ideal market, and lure prospects in with the most effective and affordable advertising tools. The Lead Ladder is filled with easy-to-use strategies to help you follow up on your leads, establish trust, increase sales, and create a solid database of steady customers and contacts. It's everything you need to know to reach the highest level of your professional potential.


 The Lead Ladder: Turn Strangers Into Clients, One Step at a Time