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The Linux Kernel Primer

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Author:  Claudia Salzberg Rodriguez ,  Gordon Fischer ,  Steven Smolski

Format: Paperback | 648 pages

Dimensions: 176 x 232 x 32mm | 900g

Publication date: 21 Sep 2005

Top Reasons people will buy this book:

-Covers Linux on PPC

-Top-down approach traces functionality from user space into the kernel

-Lots of code commentary and examples. It walks you through the actual

source code implementation.

-Side by side comparison of x86 and PPC

-Hands on Examples and Projects

-Covers the kernel build system.

The "Linux Kernel Primer" offers a comprehensive view of the underpinnings

of the Linux kernel. This book starts with a guide of the necessary tools a

developer needs to be able to understand and manipulate the source code

including cryptic programming fundamentals found throughout the kernel

code. It then follows up with an in depth analysis of the major subsystems

including process management, memory management, scheduling, I/O, and

filesystems. This book also provides information necessary to get started

developing on the Linux kernel. The specifics of Intel and PowerPC

architecture implementations are covered side by side providing perspective on

architecture specific features and how Linux make use of them.

Similar in approach to Kernighan's "Practice of Programming" 020161586X


 The Linux Kernel Primer