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The Widower

SKU: 9780330456043 Supplier: Pan MacMillan


Author : Ray Kluun

Format Paperback | 304 pages

Dimensions 111 x 178 x 20mm | 159g

Publication date 31 Jul 2008

Following his wife Carmen's funeral, chronicled so movingly in Love Life, Dan tries to pick up the pieces. He is now the sole parent of little Luna. But inevitably in his grief he goes right off the rails. His friends worry for him and for Luna, and Rose finds it difficult to reconnect with him. His hedonism becomes self-destructive and he deep down he knows it's better to have Luna stay with friends than for her to witness his decline. He sells his share of the business to his partner and goes ona drug-addled holiday to Ibiza, where he witnesses 9/11. His relationship with Rose is virtually over, though she can never quite bring herself to abandon him completely.

Dan reaches rock bottom and realises he can't go on like this. His friends advise him to go on a long trip, taking Luna with him, and to try and take stock of his life. He decides to take Luna to Australia, via Bali and Thailand. There as they travel across the continent they begin to tentatively establish a relationship - a new relationship - and Dan finally comes to realise what it is he wants and needs in his life.


 The Widower