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There's More to Life Than the Corner Office

SKU: 9780071609302 Supplier: McGraw-Hill Education - Europe


Author Lamar Smith , By (author)  Tammy Kling

Format Hardback | 144 pages

Dimensions 132 x 208 x 15mm | 272g

Publication 18 Mar 2009

When you're working in the fast lane, it's easy to keep your eye trained on personal performance, profitable deals, and every rung of the corporate ladder.But what happens when your climb to success leads to a dead end? When the coveted office with the prime view and corporate board access not only overpowers everything else that's meaningful-but sabotages your ability to target new opportunities?There's More to Life Than the Corner Office tells the story of Patrick Mitchell, a young, up-and-coming dealmaker with energy and ideas to burn. Patrick is powered by his desire to stake a claim in his own corner office, until a fateful encounter with business icon Al Crafton changes his life.With a remarkable blend of intelligence, creativity, and patience, the older executive walks him through a set of lessons that forces Patrick to examine his life, his failing marriage, and his career choices-and to see new paths to true fulfillment and unique business prospects. There's More to Life Than the Corner Office will show you how to:

Get back in the driver's seat: Don't let the status quo direct your career path-only you can tap into the opportunities that can lead to real growthBeware of target fixation: When all your energy is focused on one goal, you can lose sight of obstacles that can sabotage your successEmbrace every opportunity: A balanced, well-rounded life leads to a more objective world view, which can show you new avenues of productivity you'd otherwise miss
Packed with insightful wisdom and solid methodologies, There's More to Life Than the Corner Office will help you plot your own path to spiritual, physical, mental, and career success. Because when you begin the quest for true fulfillment, you'll be primed to make the most of every moment, every encounter, and every opportunity that comes your way.


 There's More to Life Than the Corner Office