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Tropical Colors

SKU: 9780804845922 Supplier: PERIPLUS EDITIONS


Author:  Sakul Intakul

Format: Paperback | 176 pages

Dimensions: 226 x 251 x 15.24mm | 862g

Publication date: 29 Feb 2016

In this stunning book, renowned Thai floral artist Sakul Intakul combines colorful tropical flowers, exotic foliage and other unusual design materials in refreshingly original floral displays suitable for any occasion and any setting. Photographed in the spectacular, contemporary homes of Thailand's leading artists, designers and professionals, the simple but imaginative floral displays evoke the essence of a modern Asian style. This refreshingly original book goes beyond the everyday--elevating tropical flowers from mere floral arrangements to meditative floral "art installations" that serve as dramatic design centerpieces in contemporary tropical homes. Created from a combination of exotic and colorful tropical flowers, plant materials--fibers and leaves from the banana and coconut, twigs from the bamboo--and other less orthodox materials like wire netting, the arrangements harmoniously blend a strong, usually three-dimensional structure with the sweet and subtle elements of flowers. Allow Tropical Colors to inspire you, adding a gorgeous Asian flair to your home!


 Tropical Colors