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Uniforms_ Laurence King Publishing_9781856695831_Author Bill Dunn

SKU: 9781856695831 Supplier: Laurence King Publishing


Author  Bill Dunn

Format Paperback | 272 pages

Dimensions 170.18 x 238.76 x 27.94mm | 300g

Publication date 18 Mar 2009

Look around, and uniforms are everywhere. They're a way of belonging and of making people belong. Armies, police forces, and militias once led the way, but today uniforms are used by a new generation of service industries, from security guards to cabin crew. This book catalogs iconic uniforms from around the world, from the traditional helmets worn by London bobbies to the futuristic protective body armor of the French riot police, from the high camp of airline uniforms to the utilitarian styles of the fast food worker. Subconsciously, a uniform oils the wheels of the world. We accept orders from a uniformed guard, respect the diagnosis of a doctor or nurse, and feel better about entrusting that important package with a uniformed private delivery company operative. Featuring uniforms from all walks of life military, school, sports teams, and work wear the book examines how fashion has been influenced by uniform design and how fashion has, in turn, been reinterpreted by uniform designers. This book would appeal to both consumers and fashion students and professionals.


 Uniforms_ Laurence King Publishing_9781856695831_Author  Bill Dunn