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Veritas 1987-2007_ Lillian Tay_9789834344504_Veritas Management

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Author:  Lillian Tay, Edited by Lau Su Vin, Contributed by Mohamad Tajuddin Mohamad Rasdi

Format:  Paperback | 225 pages

Publication date:  2007

The work of VERITAS strives to engage the confluences of the social, cultural and economic contexts of the time in artistic discourse. Based in Kuala Lumpur, this architecture practice sows the Malaysian spirit of muhibbah that embraces multiple viewpoints - conceptual, aesthetic and methodological. Ascribing to no single language no fixed style, it instead underpins its diverse design approaches with an underlying connectedness to context and careful attention to detail whilst allowing each project to dictate its own solutions. The firm negotiates a balance between the explorative and the rational, aspiring to produce buildings and spaces that - beyond serving pragmatic functions - engage the civic domain and question the accepted archetypes embedded in the psyche of the community. VERITAS' oeuvre traces several recurring characteristics: a reinterpretation of elements drawn from a multicultural context, a human-centric ethos, an innovative mix of local materials and traditional techniques with new technologies and finally, a resonant response to the genius loci.


 Veritas 1987-2007_ Lillian Tay_9789834344504_Veritas Management