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Waterfront Promenade Design: Urban Revival Strategies

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Author: Andersson Thorbjorn

Format: Hardback | 240 pages           

Dimensions:  235 x 290 x 33.02mm | 1,723.65g        

Publication date: 13 Feb 2018

Waterfronts, the unique places where land and water meet, are a finite resource, embodying the special history and character of each city. The last decades have witnessed profound changes along abandoned or underused waterfronts, bringing in new pedestrian areas, new business opportunities, and new vitality. This trend is accelerating in cities around the globe. Waterfront Promenabde Design seeks to answer the question of how we can go about rejuvenating waterfronts, by promoting good landscape planning and designs. In total, thirty great waterfront design practices have been selected from all over the world, each with their own unique way of solving the problems posed by their allocated sites. All resulted in more vibrant, accessible, resilient and culturally-rich public spaces, attuned to the needs of their specific location. In order to strengthen the waterfront's coherence and connection, this book pays special attention to the design of traversable space along waterfronts, ensuring that promenades are maintained as pedestrian and cyclist-friendly zones. It also includes a design guide, which could provide strong reference for readers in related fields. SELLING POINTS: Thirty great waterfront design practices each demonstrate their unique problem-solving methods, which result in more vibrant, accessible, resilient and culturally-rich public spaces worldwide This book focuses on pedestrian and cyclist-friendly waterfront promenade design, making it of interest to urban designers 380 colour, 90 b/w images


 Waterfront Promenade Design: Urban Revival Strategies