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We Build Drawings_Mikkel Frost_9789492311382_Frame Publishers BV

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Author: Mikkel Frost

Format:  Paperback | 208 pages

Dimensions: 145 x 208 x 20.32mm | 480g

Publication date:  01 Sep 2020

`Architects do not actually build buildings,' says Mikkel Frost, co-founder of Danish architecture firm CEBRA. `What we build is an idea. To visualize it, we build drawings.' The evolutionary process of how aphorisms develop into precise architectural concepts is illustrated through a collection of Frost's sketches and watercolours.

Over 200 drawings are organized into 20 sections, each relating to one of CEBRA's projects. An index containing c olour photographs and renders of their works further illuminates how the drawings are translated into reality. Introducing the book, a written version of Frost's TEDx talk Let your fingers do the talking elaborates on the book's impetus: to bring a spotlight to the craft of drawing as a powerful tool for creation and communication.


 We Build Drawings_Mikkel Frost_9789492311382_Frame Publishers BV