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Wildlife Photography_Richard Bernabe_9781781575123_Octopus Publishing Group

SKU: 9781781575123 Supplier: Octopus Publishing Group


Author:  Richard Bernabe

Format: Paperback | 240 pages

Dimensions: 236 x 254 x 20mm | 978g

Publication date: 02 Oct 2018

There is nothing quite so satisfying as capturing a stunning wildlife photograph; a good one will reflect practice, patience, careful equipment choice and dedication. Those challenges are perhaps why so many enthusiast photographers aspire to perfect their images in this area; to get their work recognised by the photographic community as well as record their experiences.

This book reveals more world-class images with every turn. More than that, though, it takes a practical approach. It comprehensively introduces natural-history and wildlife photography techniques alongside truly useful tips about what gear you'll need (and what you can avoid) in your pursuit of perfection. It is illustrated by the author's professional work; his clients include National Geographic & Time amongst others.


 Wildlife Photography_Richard Bernabe_9781781575123_Octopus Publishing Group