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Winning the 3-Legged Race

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Author Faisal HoqueV. SambamurthyRobert ZmudTom TrainerCarl Wilson

Format Hardback I 256 pages

Dimensions 157 x 25 x 231 mm

Publication 8 Nov. 2005

Like an old-fashioned three-legged race, the business and technology sides of any company are running today with the left leg of one tied to the right leg of the other. Some companies understand that and run well; some don't. The top

executives interviewed in this book (see overflow page for a partial list) know where competitive leaders are headed.

Winning the Three Legged Race is the first major output of the new Business Technology Management (BTM) Institute, reflecting insights from world-class experts in industry and academia. It gives enterprise, line-of-business, and IT leaders a powerful framework for optimizing areas critical to producing sustainable value from technology:

1. Strategy, planning, and management.

2. Technology investment.

3. Strategic enterprise architecture.

4. Governance and organization.

For each area, the authors identify implications for ordered processes, organizational structures, information requirements, and technology. Winning the Three Legged Race introduces the BTM Maturity Model: a breakthrough benchmark for setting priorities and mapping effective change paths. The authors support their framework with up-to-the-minute data, new case studies, executive interviews, and Top 10 Action Lists that empower decision-makers to act--and get results.


 Winning the 3-Legged Race