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Wrappers Delight_ Jonny Trunk, Fuel_9780995745599_Fuel Publishing

SKU: 9780995745599 Supplier: Fuel Publishing


Author: Fuel, Jonny Trunk

Format:  Paperback | 240 pages

Dimensions: 180 x 220 x 22.86mm | 760g

Publication date:  06 Feb 2020

A nostalgia trip through the sweet wrappers of our childhoods: a massive, magical blast from our pasts - all in one beautiful graphic book

This is a very exciting book crammed full of the sweetest memories of all - a favourite gum, those addictive chews, that sparkling drink you can't remember the name of, those stickers you collected and of course your lolly of choice (until they stopped making it). Think Cider Barrel, Cresta, Tip Top, Pacemakers, Lollygobblechocbomb, Kung Fueys, Fizz Bang, UFO sweet cigarettes and loads of other TV tie-ins, Furry Friends and even Fingammies! And then there are the treats you'll only recall when you see the packaging for the first time in decades.

Wrappers Delight catalogues the amazing, lifetime collection of John Townsend, a man who collected the most disposable of wrappers: sweet cigarette boxes, wax gum papers, empty bags of crisps, drink cans, rock labels, stamps, transfers, coupons, recipe cards, tickets, odd boxes, badges, cards, stickers ... and more. All these items have been carefully documented and reproduced here in the highest quality. Presented in alphabetical order by manufacturer, and with over 500 full colour examples, this book is the first and only overview of the drinks and confectionary industry during this period


 Wrappers Delight_ Jonny Trunk, Fuel_9780995745599_Fuel Publishing