Artbook can order English books according to our customers' needs

Payment policy

With our interest to deliver the best shopping online experience. Artbook accepts 2 types of payment that offer more flexibility and convenience during the purchase process.

  1. COD – Cash on delivery

With COD, our customer only pays when the products are delivered and pay the exact amount that is written on the bill.

If the deliver demands an additional fee outside of the bill, please contact us for help.

- Hotline: +842839103518

- Email:

- Fan page:

  1. Bank transfer

With this method, after the products are successfully ordered on the website or fan page, please finalize your payment through bank transfer to accounts below:

- Vietcombank – Saigon Pearl Branch (Ho Chi Minh)

- Account number: 0881000448149

- Account name: Đỗ Trần Văn Khải

- Description: (Order Number – Name) (Phone number)

  • For example: (#100016 – Nam) (0903523994)

Notice*: During the payment, you must enter the order number in the description for us to process the right order.

After the payment is done and Artbook receives the money, we will deliver products according to the time specified in Deliver Policy


If you have any further questions, please contact:

Hotline: +842839103518




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