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500 Manga Characters

SKU: 9781905814039 Supplier: Ilex



Format: Paperback | 528 pages         

Dimensions: 153 x 202 x 33mm | 1,096g       

Publication date: 12 Aug 2009

The biggest collection of manga clip art ever collected on one disc is at your disposal with "500 Manga Figures". Now you can create stunning artwork quickly and easily by using this vast collection of high-resolution (300ppi) images that are ready to use in any project. Not only that, but the book teaches you how you use professional colouring techniques, add figures to backgrounds, and create your own manga. The book features an enormous range of characters, from heroic boys and girls, though to comedy duos, and into historical dramas there's a figure for every occasion and requirement. Plus, there are all the aliens, villains, monsters, and giant mecha robots for them to battle!


 500 Manga Characters