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Architecture_Pascale Marini-jeannere_9788874397105_Five Continents Editions

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Author: Pascale Marini-jeannere

Format:  Paperback | 168 pages

Dimensions: 208 x 254 x 15mm | 628g

Publication date:  30 Jan 2019

Architecture, the second Art Brut Biennale, presents a selection of works from the Art Brut Collection (Lausanne), linked together by a common theme. The exhibition and the catalogue show the public new works by perhaps lesser-known authors, while taking a new slant on some historical pieces. Running the gamut from reality to utopia, Art Brut authors design architectures in resonance with their everyday lives or their memories, reorganising the space around them according to their own rules and needs. Their imagination and inventiveness carry them to distant, unexplored lands. Yet the vision of architecture that these Art Brut authors offer us here opens up a new dimension, escaping all practical considerations. Over 250 works by fifty-two creators of all origins - European, North American, or Asian - have been selected for the exhibition.

This book presents colour illustrations, a short biography, and a bibliography for each artist. The diversity at the heart of this concept can be seen in the many different forms and techniques used, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, and embroidery. Among the artists: Aloise, Juliette Elisa Bataille, Filippo Bentivegna, Georges Berthomier, Gregory Lee Blackstock, Benjamin Bonjour, Edouard Boschey, Luigi Brunetti, Andre Car, Diego, Paul Duhem, Paul End, Samuel Failloubaz, Florent, Jacqueline Fromenteau, Willem Van Genk, Jules Godi, Heer, Magali Herrera, Stefan Holzmuller, Testuaki Hotta, Norimitsu Kokubo, F. Kouw, Helmut Nimczewski, Nikifor, Prinz Otto, Emile Ratier, Royal Roberston, Hans Saletmeier, Victorien Sardou, Yuri Titov, Johann Troesch, Yuji Tsuji, Berthe Urasco, Pepe de Valence, Pascal Verbena, Scottie Wilson, Adolf Woelfli.

Building on the legacy of some five thousand pieces collected by Jean Dubuffet between 1945 and 1971, the Art Brut Collection now owns over sixty thousand works, the fruit of nearly forty years of research. Architecture is the second volume in the series Art Brut - The Collection, published by 5 Continents and the Swiss institution, after Vehicles (2014).


 Architecture_Pascale Marini-jeannere_9788874397105_Five Continents Editions