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Butterflies in Flight_Roger Camp_9780500510902_Thames & Hudson Ltd

SKU: 9780500510902 Supplier: Thames & Hudson Ltd


Author:  Roger Camp

Format: Hardback | 105 pages

Dimensions: 236.73 x 242.32 x 25.15mm | 300g

Publication date: 21 Oct 2002
Here is an exquisitely beautiful homage to the colourful celebrity of the insect world, the butterfly. With more than 300 photographs of real butterflies, depicted in all their lightness and brilliance, and presented in a unique accordion-fold format, Butterflies in Flight is a strikingly attractive gift book that will appeal to anyone who appreciates art and nature. Hundreds of butterflies soar and drift across the page. Each panel of this traditional Japanese format stands on its own visually, yet is also designed to lead to the next panel so that the flight itself appears to glide, panel after panel, before the viewer. The accordion format, which unfolds to more than 23 metres, allows the book to be set upright and displayed as a delightful art object. Roger Camp has brilliantly used modern techniques of photography and digital imaging to create an irresistible flight of real butterflies. He was first inspired by Kanzaka Sekka's 1904 woodblock-printed book, One Thousand Kinds of Butterflies, to find a contemporary way of marrying beauty with technology, thus creating a magical presentation of these infinitely graceful creatures.


 Butterflies in Flight_Roger Camp_9780500510902_Thames & Hudson Ltd