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Calendar Collections_ Azur _ 9784568504439_Author: Vivian Lei

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Author: Vivian Lei

Format :Hardback | 256 pages

Dimensions :220 x 290 x 24.64mm | 1,183.88g

Publication date :26 Oct 2011

Keeping a calendar has been a common way of tracking appointments, birthdays and special events. These days, calendars are available in electronic accessories such as mobile phones and watches, but an old-style calendar creatively designed is always able to bring a smile of appreciation to one's face. Although it is impossible for a contemporary calendar to deviate from the strict ancient time keeping system, the designs and types of calendars have become highly developed. For designers, calendar design is nothing to do with years, months and days, but creativity and aesthetics. This book, based on the idea of time movement, starts from the beginning of the year and ends at the close of the year. The contents comprise extremely innovative calendar designs developed in recent years, applied eye-catching illustrations and distinct typography, as well as thematic contents. This book aims to attract your attention and surprise you and at the same time refresh and stimulate your mind as you begin the process of designing a calendar.


 Calendar Collections_ Azur _ 9784568504439_Author: Vivian Lei