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College Accounting

SKU: 9780136063803 Supplier: Pearson Education (US)


Author Jeffrey Slater

Format Hardback | 928 pages

Dimensions 216 x 276 x 43.18mm | 2,127g

Publication 27 Mar 2009

Cover all the accounting basics with College Accounting: A Practical Approach.

KEY TOPICS: Accounting Concepts and Procedures; Debits and Credits: Analyzing and Recording Business Transactions; Beginning the Accounting Cycle; The Accounting Cycle Continued; The Accounting Cycle Completed; Banking Procedure and Control of Cash; Calculating Pay and Payroll Taxes: The Beginning of the Payroll Process; Paying, Recording, and Reporting Payroll and Payroll Taxes: The Conclusion of the Payroll Process; Sales and Cash Receipts; Purchases and Cash Payments; Preparing a Worksheet for a Merchandising Company; Completion of the Accounting Cycle for a Merchandise Company; Accounting for Bad Debts; Notes Receivable and Notes Payable; Accounting for Merchandise Inventory; Accounting for Property, Plant, Equipment, and Intangible Assets; Partnership; Corporations: Organizations and Stock; Corporations: Stock Values, Dividends, Treasury Stocks, and Retained Earnings; Corporations and Bonds Payable; Statement of Cash Flows; Analyzing Financial Statements; The Voucher System; Departmental Accounting; Manufacturing Accounting

MARKET: College Accounting: A Practical Approach, is available in two different volumes: Chapters 1-25 complete and Chapters 1-12 that cover the fundamental concepts. In either format, this text focuses on getting back to the basics of Accounting by providing any reader with plenty of detailed instruction and opportunities to apply what they learn.


 College Accounting