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Creative Memories, SC

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Format: Paperback | 208 pages         

Dimensions: 140 x 218 x 16mm | 295g    

Publication date: 01 Aug 2005

Business lessons from the leader in the multibilliondollar scrapbook industry

It's a classic American success story: Cheryl Lightle, once an unemployed single mom, goes on to become the cofounder of one of the most successful direct selling companies in the United States. Creative Memories reveals the 10 guiding principles she used to create her scrapbooking empire, teaching readers how to use these principles to achieve success in their own lives. Through Lightle's inspirational story, combined with her proven business strategies and leadership lessons, this motivational book gives readers the tools they need to:

  • Maintain continual business and personal growth
  • Preserve integrity and credibility
  • Communicate clearly and concisely
  • Define their own leadership style and direction
  • Protect their relationships with their customers


 Creative Memories, SC