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Culinaria Russia_Marion Trutter_9783848002139_Ullmann Publishing

SKU: 9783848002139 Supplier: Ullmann Publishing


Author: Marion Trutter

Format:  Hardback | 372 pages

Dimensions: 216 x 254 x 25.4mm | 1,406.14g

Publication date:  01 Jun 2015

Pirogi, blini, and borscht are familiar enough to many people, but what surprises might await us when we try ukha, khinkali, khachapuri, lahmadjo or plov? Russia, the Ukraine, and the countries of the Caucasus offer a wealth of culinary delicacies that are hardly known to us, a myriad of foods and flavors fed by the most diverse influences and cultures at the intersection of Orient and Occident. The spectrum extends from traditional fish and meat specialties of the nomadic peoples in northern Russia to sweets with a touch of oriental flavor favored in Azerbaijan. This new volume of Culinaria explores the extraordinary breadth of this fascinating cuisine of many cultures in informative texts written by selected experts with deep understanding of the countries, paired with impressive photography. In addition to providing background information about the various lands and the foods that are typical of each of them, readers will find a generous selection of authentic recipes that invite them to explore this new culinary terrain up close and personal, through cooking, eating, and enjoying.


 Culinaria Russia_Marion Trutter_9783848002139_Ullmann Publishing