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Dot-to-Dot Berlin_Agata Mazur_9783848009619_Ullmann Publishing

SKU: 9783848009619 Supplier: Ullmann Publishing


Author: Agata Mazur

Format:  Hardback | 68 pages

Dimensions: 210 x 297 x 12.7mm | 544.31g

Publication date:  29 Sep 2016

One of four cities in the dot-to-dot series. This interactive travel guide and activity book is just perfect for any child (or grown up) with a passion for exploration, whether you are visiting the city at the heart of Europe, or just like to travel with your finger on the map. This volume takes you on an educational and relaxing journey through the hip city of Berlin. You will not only read about historic places, but also see them in beautifully selected photos, as well as recreating some traditional elements by joining the dot-to-dot drawings. Exploring cities, and learning something at the same time, has never been more fun!
Each of the attractions is presented with a concise and educational text in both the English and German language. Not only will you learn from the informative text but you will also have a blast joining in the dots to recreate the attraction that you have just learnt about. From the Brandenburg Gate to the Berlin Wall, this city within a book is an adventure waiting to happen. With 25 of the most famous places and monuments in Berlin, along with 6 bonus postcards to send to your friends and family, this book is a perfect travelling companion.


 Dot-to-Dot Berlin_Agata Mazur_9783848009619_Ullmann Publishing