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Eden - Garden Designs

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Author: Marcel Wolterinck

Format: Hardback | 432 pages

Dimensions: 28.58 x 3.78 x 34.62 cm

Publication date: 31 May 2023

For Marcel Wolterinck – one of the Netherlands’ leading designers – indoors and outdoors are inextricably linked. This is most evident in his all-encompassing projects, in which his studio designs both the interior and exterior of a property as well as the garden. But even when redesigning existing gardens, Wolterinck is focused on ensuring that the outside is a natural extension of the inside. Besides the understated use of colour – predominantly green – Wolterinck’s garden designs are characterized by simplicity, balance and contrasts. Sightlines create depth and space, while garden rooms provide a sense of intimacy.


 Eden - Garden Designs
 Eden - Garden Designs
 Eden - Garden Designs