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Exploring Economics

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Author Robert L. Sexton

Format Hardback I 736 pages

Dimensions 195.6 x 124.5 x 20.3 mm I 3080 g

Publication 5 January 2004

This is not a traditional encyclopedic text filled with technical details. Rather it is a modern, "back-to-basics" book written expressly to promote economic literacy and engage students in learning about how economics affects them as citizens in our society. Coupled with pedagogical innovations that are well-grounded in learning theory research, the text's visually effective design and captivating content inspire students to actually read the chapters. It succeeds like no other text in taking the intimidation out of economics and in meeting its goal of explaining the material in a manner that will "bring students the same feeling of excitement and relevance" the author felt when taking his first economics class.


 Exploring Economics