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Freeing Architecture_Junya Ishigami_9782869251380_Fondation Cartier

SKU:9782869251380 Supplier: Fondation Cartier


Author: Junya Ishigami

Format: Paperback | 324 pages

Dimensions: 256 x 364 x 33.02mm | 2,540g

Publication: 10 Jul 2018

Lightness, transparency, simplicity, and communion with nature are Japanese architect Junya Ishigami's watchwords. In his architectural masterworks, which he compares to landscapes, he eliminates the boundaries between exterior and interior space. For the Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, Junya Ishigami designed an exhibition that reveals, on an unprecedented scale, his latest research into freedom, fluidity, and the future of architecture. On the occasion of this exhibition, presented from March 30 to September 9, 2018, the Fondation Cartier will publish a book retracing the genesis of the project, including mixed photographs, drawings, models, and all the poetry inherent to Ishigami's work.


 Freeing Architecture_Junya Ishigami_9782869251380_Fondation Cartier