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Great Growing At Home

SKU: 9781589792654 Supplier: Taylor Trade Publishing


Author: Allan A. Swenson

Format: Paperback | 320 pages

Dimensions: 218 x 280 x 26mm | 830g

Publication date: 01 Mar 2008

In this book readers will discover how to grow the tastiest vegetables, most glorious flowers, improve their landscape to boost their property values and have gardens that are they envy of the neighborhood. The book is an easy-to-follow compilation of gardening know-how in one convenient volume by a nationally-recognized and acclaimed veteran garden writer. Top arborists, horticulturalists, plant breeders and other experts shared their knowledge and advice which Swenson has assembled in this fact-filled book. Great Growing at Home will answer all your gardening questions on such disparate subjects as container gardening and field layering, pruning and raised beds, compost bins and crop rotation, to name just a few. Written with a bias toward organic gardening as a result of his studies at the famous Rodale Farm in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, Swenson presents natural, organic gardening as a practical, productive and wholesome approach to producing an abundant, nourishing, and flavorful food supply. The book not only reflects his 40+ years as a garden writer, but also the first time he has been able to assemble his accumulated knowledge of gardening in one convenient place, including the latest information on new vegetable hybrids that resist disease and repel insects. Whether it's how to attract birds and butterflies to your garden or planting on slopes, Great Growing at Home will be your indispensable source of all you need to know about gardening.


 Great Growing At Home