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Michelangelo - Gilles Neret - 9783836530347 - Taschen

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Author:  Gilles Neret

Format: Hardback | 96 pages         

Dimensions: 210 x 260 x 12.7mm | 560g     

Publication date: 30 Nov 2016

Italian-born Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (1475–1564) was a tormented, prodigiously talented, and God-fearing Renaissance man. His manifold achievements in painting, sculpture, architecture, poetry, and engineering combined body, spirit, and God into visionary masterpieces that changed art history forever. Famed biographer Giorgio Vasari considered him the pinnacle of Renaissance achievement. His peers called him simply “Il Divino” (“the divine one”).


 Michelangelo - Gilles Neret - 9783836530347 - Taschen