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Packaged for Life: Beer, Wine & Spirits_Victionary_9789887972709_Victionary

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Author: Victionary

Format: Paperback | 280 pages

 Dimensions: 148 x 197mm |  503g

Publication: 18 Mar 2021

In our haste to consume the things we love, we often disregard or discard packaging without a second thought. While many would argue that they bear no significance to our daily lives or should be done away with entirely in our quest to save the environment, there is a lot more to packaging design than meets the eye. On top of conveying a brand's personality, purpose, or message meaningfully and embodying its contents in ways that catch the eye, a seemingly ordinary bottle or box can become an artist or designer's canvas for extraordinary creative expression.

Packaged for Life: Beer, Wine, & Spirits explores some of the most compelling ways and interesting visuals with which popular spirits are packaged to tantalise you into indulging in your tipples of choice. It serves as a vessel of inspiration through which we can recognise, appreciate, and celebrate the unnoticed or overlooked tactile beauty in everyday product packaging.

The book comes with a booklet of fun facts about alcohol, including the different ways to give a toast, and hangover cures around the world!


 Packaged for Life: Beer, Wine & Spirits_Victionary_9789887972709_Victionary