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Perfect English Farmhouse

SKU: 9781849758789 Supplier: Ryland, Peters & Small Ltd


Author: Ros Byam Shaw

Format: Hardback | 192 pages

Dimensions: 9.6 x 0.9 x 11.5 inches

Publication date: October 10, 2017

Perfect English Farmhouse celebrates the characteristic style and fascinating history of the classic farmhouse and shows how to turn your own home into a similarly welcoming retreat.

Farmhouse is a word that conjures an array of appealing associations: fresh eggs and baby lambs, chunky wooden beams and stone floors, cream teas and harvest suppers; a place of welcome and plenty. With their generous kitchens and meandering layout, the architectural informality of the farmhouse suits modern lifestyles. In Perfect English Farmhouse, via a series of case studies, Ros Byam Shaw explores both traditional and contemporary farmhouse style. The book is divided into chapters according to style: Organic, Traditional, Fresh, No Frills, and Funky, and at the end of each chapter a spread highlights the key elements of that particular decorative look. At the back of the book, there is also a comprehensive listing of UK and US sources to help readers create their very own take on perfect farmhouse style.


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