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Portfolio Performance Measurement and Benchmarking

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Author  Jon A. Christopherson , By (author)  David R. Carino , By (author)  Wayne E. Ferson

Format Hardback | 480 pages

Dimensions 165 x 239 x 36mm | 807g

Publication 24 Jul 2009

In order to make sound investment choices,investors must know the projected return oninvestment in relation to the risk of not beingpaid. Benchmarks are excellent evaluators,but the failure to choose the right investingperformance benchmark often leads to baddecisions or inaction, which inevitably resultsin lost profits.

The first book of its kind, Portfolio PerformanceMeasurement and Benchmarking is a completeguide to benchmarks and performace evaluationusing benchmarks. In one inclusivevolume, readers get foundational coverage onbenchmark construction, as well as expert insightinto specific benchmarks for asset classesand investment styles.

Starting with the basics-such as return calculationsand methods of dealing with cashflows-this thorough book covers a widevariety of performance measurement methodologiesand evaluation techniques beforemoving into more technical material that deconstructsboth the creation of indexes andthe components of a desirable benchmark.

Portfolio Performance Measurement and Benchmarkingprovides detailed coverage of benchmarksfor:

U.S. equitiesGlobal and international equitiesFixed incomeReal estate
The team of renowned authors offers illuminatingopinions on the philosophy and developmentof equity indexes, while highlightingnumerous mechanical problems inherent inbuilding benchmarks and the implications ofeach one.

Before you make your next investment, becertain your return will be worth the riskwith Portfolio Performance Measurement andBenchmarking.


 Portfolio Performance Measurement and Benchmarking