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Preah Bot_Vittorio Roveda_9789749863992_RIVER BOOKS

SKU: 9789749863992 Supplier: RIVER BOOKS


Author: Vittorio Roveda

Format Paperback | 200 pages

Dimensions 170 x 240 x 10.16mm | 453.59g

Publication date 20 Apr 2011

Preah Bot are portable paintings on canvas which represent either single episodes from the life of the Buddha or from the Jataka tales, in particular the last ten stories, the birth tales of the Buddha. In the past they were presented by lay people to the monasteries during religious festivals as a means of merit-making. They may then have served as a substitute for murals in wooden temple buildings where murals were not possible. Following the acclaim for 'Buddhist Painting in Cambodia', Vittorio Roveda and Sotham Yem have sought to document both their aesthetics and their meaning before the use of Preah Bot in a strictly religious sense has disappeared. Instead today they are being produced purely as souvenirs for tourists or for collectors. The book is also intended as an encouragement to the Cambodian People to preserve and study their important Buddhist heritage.


 Preah Bot_Vittorio Roveda_9789749863992_RIVER BOOKS