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Stochastic Point Processes

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Author: S.K. Srinivasan ,  A. Vijayakumar

Format :Hardback | 340 pages

Dimensions: 185 x 240 x 19.05mm | 868g

Publication date: 24 Sep 2003

Stochastic Point Processes are interesting from many points of view. From and abstract point of view, point process is a simple version of random measure; these processes have acquired importance mainly due their viability in modeling a variety of phenomena spanning physical, biological, economic and engineering sciences. This volume with contributions from leading probabilists contains, besides surveys on the state-of-art of the theory, papers dealing with problems of queues, inventory, reliability and population evolution. There are also papers dealing with practical aspects like statistical inference and nonlinear filtering. The book will be of interest to a wide spectrum of people including those working in the area of operations research, signal processing, electrical communications & control and neural network.


 Stochastic Point Processes