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Stress Biology

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Author: U. Chakraborty ,  B. Chakraborty

Format: Hardback | 292 pages

Dimensions: 160 x 240 x 19.05mm | 657.71g

Publication date: 30 Sep 2005

Stress Biology discusses the impact of various types of stresses on biological systems with emphasis on crop systems. The Forty six contributions in the book have been divided into two broad sections i.e. Abiotic Stresses and Biotic Stresses. Abiotic Stresses included in the book are: temperature, drought, excess light, salinity, chemicals and pesticides dealing with the mechanisms by which plants, insects, or other organisms cope up with the various stresses and overcome them. Biotic Stresses deal mainly with: fungal and insect attacks on plants and the mechanisms behind the observed resistance / susceptibility of the plants to these attacks. On the whole, the monograph covers all areas of modern research-biochemistry, plant physiology, pathology, molecular biology, microbiology and related areas in studies connected to the interaction of microbes, plants, animals and environment.



 Stress Biology